Equilibrium (NewSpirit&Music, 12 October 2022)

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12 October 2022, 19:00 Hold Street Reformed Church, Budapest, Hungary

Solo concert of Csaba Klenyán (clarinet)
Lera Auerbach: Prayer
Csanád Kedves : Different Similarities
Wolfgang Rihm: Vier Male
Péter Zombola : 3 miniatür
Zsigmond Szathmáry : Signale
Giacinto Scelsi: Preghiera per un’ ombra
Csaba Klenyán : Karcolatok
Salvatore Sciarrino: Let me die before I wake
Gergely Vajda: Fényárnyék-remegés
First event of the series NewSpirit&Music (2020-21). The concert series NewSpirit&Music includes four concerts focusing on four symbols: the equilibrium, the touch, the light, and the silence. Artistic director: Ajtony Csaba.
The event is free but we accept on-site and online donation for the concert series. The concert organiser follows the current pandemic regulations.
Supporter: National Cultural Fund, Vth District Self-government.
Media partner: Papageno.