Equilibrium (NewSpirit&Music, 9 May 2021)

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9 May 2021, 18:00 Deák Square Church, Budapest, Hungary

MIKAMO Central European Chamber Orchestra
conductor: Ajtony Csaba
György Ligeti: Ramifications
Péter Tornyai: Symphonies of Strings (sursum corda)
Ajtony Csaba: Interlude from the cantate 'Ballade'
First event of the series NewSpirit&Music (2020-21). The concert series NewSpirit&Music includes four concerts focusing on four symbols: the equilibrium, the touch, the light, and the silence. Artistic director: Ajtony Csaba.
The event is free and follows the current pandemic regulations.

Supporters: National Cultural Fund, Belváros-Lipótváros Council, National Cooperation Fund