Masterclasses for young composers and performers

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The Sonus Foundation aims to support young composers, conductors, and performers with several means, including by organising masterclasses where the individual talents can be developed. 

The Sonus Foundation first issued a call for a young composers masterclass in 2018. Composers under the age of 30 were asked to produce a work for two organs (one baroque and one electronic) using traditional elements of Hungarian and/or Polish musical heritage. During the writing process, composers Tomas Skweres, Dariusz Przybylski and Ajtony Csaba mentored the young composers. Works written during the masterclass were performed at “The Equilibration” concert in the Hold Street Church on 19 December 2018. Composers participated in the project: Konrad Handschuh, Roland Hegedüs, Paweł Siek, Mateusz Smigasiewicz.