THE TOUCH – concert of the Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester (25 April 2019)

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THE TOUCH – concert of the Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester

25 April 2019 19:00

Hold Street Church (V. Hold utca 18-20)

Schönberg: Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4
Schubert: Overture in c minor, D.8.

Central European Chamber Orchestra (MKO. Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester)
Conductor: Ajtony Csaba

In the church with the best acoustics in Budapest, the Central European Chamber Orchestra from Vienna plays masterpieces from two composers’ juvenilia. Schönberg was 25 when he wrote Transfigured Night that tells the story of a touching and uplifting meeting. Schubert was only 13 years old when the Overture in c minor was composed during his years in the Viennese choir school.

This is the second concert of the series NewSpiritMusic (2018-19). The concert series NewSpiritMusic includes four concerts focusing on four symbols: the equilibrium, the touch, the light, and the silence.

The concert is free.

Supporters: National Cultural Fund, Austrian Cultural Forum, UVic